Friday, 17 June 2011

Burn the Witch

I was asked by a really good illustrator, Oliver Cramm if I'd like to do some drawings for a book themed on the occult, black magic and all that deathly jazz. I did them and above are the results of that doing. I liked the idea of 'doing' them in a sequential way, so the bottom one is supposed to go to the left of the top one, although they kind of work on top of each other. Witch hunting was a strange superstitiously fueled activity that caused a lot of innocent women and men to be brutaly put to death and I wanted to convay that somehow. No way, Bob Dylan is talking about witches as I type, on his radio show, shit, I think that could mean something, the witching hour. Shut up Dylan, you're scaring me.

Magic Spy

I'm working on a 3-D sterio-scopic film about Graham Chapman and there's a part in it that I wanted to look like a magic eye, so I was looking around at how they work, which was interesting, and I found a neat little custom magic eye maker site. So I made this one from my own pattern and mask to generate the 3d thing in the middle. If you cant do them dont bother with this one, its rubbish and just an experiment and it'll probably give you a headache but I will try and do a good one that will reward your brain ache with a FANTASTIC image. Watch this space...LITERALLY

Monday, 13 June 2011


A while back I went to see a Critters/ Tremors double bill at the Prince Charles cinema. After watching them, I thought it'd be fun to do a series of illustrations based on horror films that feature families under threat. I basically like those horror films where a family are forced together into a fighting unit to battle a deadly force that's out for their blood. I thought, YES, this will be fun, and a good idea to boot! So I started, feverishly, with Critters. Gradually I grew to hate the drawing and got bored of the idea but I thought I should put it up here anyways, not sure why, maybe to remind myself to do better stuff or just to keep the idea in mind for a later date.