Thursday, 31 March 2011

Mazes Music Video

A music video for the band Mazes done with my brother Paul. You can see his stuff here-​

We tried to make the video like it'd been filmed by a bunch of skater kids, just messing around and being stupid.

It took us a year to do, on and off, and was really fun to do. I especially liked working 2d animation into 3-d spaces and having to think about animating a character doing something whilst changing the angle to fit a camera move.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


A short insert done for a film directed by Mike Paterson about Kew Gardens and their efforts to track and help the old climate change/ death to forests problem, it a biggie and they've got some good things going on.

Thanks to Mike for letting me do it, he makes good films and has a really interesting series called colliding particles which I love to watch.

Also thanks to Robin Bushell for his sweet and nimble fingers

Hot Newness

Super superficial have super- kindly put another of my drawings on clothes. So if you'd like follow the link and peruse and sniff around at the thing, maybe you'll wanna throw a lil money in its direction. Heck! they've got a green flavour too and on a jumper.

Anyway, thanks so much to Louise Pomeroy and the others from SS-ficial.